Mikhail Belikov Photography (nature, adventures, travel)

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Waiting for Wildlife, British Columbia, Canada.  This is not a camo outfit -- bugs were eating me alive!


Mikhail Belikov is an artist, an explorer and a storyteller. He has travelled to dozens of countries on five continents capturing the unforgettable beauty of these places. He lives in Victoria on Vancouver Island in Canada, a place of urban charm surrounded by rugged nature.


The world of wild nature is disappearing fast. The expanse of the largely untouched wilderness has been shrinking to archipelagos and then to lonely islands. Soon, our ever-expanding civilization will take over the rest, with only parks and reserves left to experience the natural world as it once was.

Similarly, globalization has been erasing the cultural diversity of our civilization. The global culture with its standardized life, be it food, architecture or entertainment, is leaving less and less space for the local traditions to persist.

Through my art and writing I share my love for, and appreciation of, the disappearing diversity of our natural and cultural worlds. My hope is that, even when the remaining islands of nature and unique culture and are gone, my works will continue telling the stories of the world as it once was.

Most images displayed on this site, and many others, are available as fine art prints. For more information, please contact.

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